Having a well defined process keeps projects on rails. We think it makes for a more fun ride when you dont have to worry about going over a cliff! Depending on your project we may add or remove steps but this is an overview of what we do to make your creative come to life.

All go, no brakes

  • Kick-off meeting
    • Survey to get to know you, what you want
    • Get to know us and how we work
    • Ask all the questions-both directions
    • Set specific goals
  • Discovery 
    • Research your market, your brand, your competitors
    • Map an evidence-based and goal-focused plan
  • Creation
    • Custom campaign, prototype, design, copy, etc is created
    • We collaborate with you, as much involvement as you want
    • Check in here
  • Testing (QA)
    • We work with you and your team to make sure everything is perfect
    • Any final revisions are made
    • Final approval from you 
  • Launch
    • Once final approval has been given, we launch your new creative!
    • Party time, excellent!

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