Branding a business can be intimidating. But there’s no reason to fear, Joyride is here! These are some of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make with their company branding, the consequences of which can be devastating. 


  1. A prevalent mistake is an overly complicated logo. A logo with small pieces or one that’s unidentifiable when printed small is a huge faux pas. It should be instantly recognizable, simple to draw, and something else.


  1. Lack of consistency. Once you’re branded, stick to it. Fonts, colors, verbiage, and images are all ways you can create and stick to your brand. 


  1. Continually employing inordinately verbose copywriting. Brevity is key when you want to keep someone’s attention.


  1. Not having a personality. Brand identity is so important. We can’t overstate that. Create and stick to your personality with customer service, social media, website, and any other customer-facing space. 


  1. Finally, the number one mistake is not knowing your target audience. This mistake is the foundation of your entire branding endeavor. Once you’ve identified that audience, your marketing should be focused on them. Developing a profile and personality for your audience can help you brand for that audience.

Breaking these rules can be devastating for your business! You want people to recognize your logo, associate it with your identity, feel your personality, and enjoy your content. When you’re identifiable and consistent, your TOF and conversion rates will exponentially climb! If you need help with these things, that’s where we come in! Joyride specializes in branding, conversion, and full website design.